The Hottest Summer 2020 Trend is the Mini bag

Without any doubt, the hottest summer 2020 trend is the mini bag. Mini bags not only look cool, but they are also very useful. You can carry your mini bag everywhere and if you think one is not enough you can carry two. Mini bags persuade us to live minimalist lifestyle and get rid of unwanted things in our bag, thus reducing burden off our shoulders. The trend was first started in 2017, made headlines in 2019 and is still trending in 2020. Lizzo took this trend to the next level by showing off her cute bag at American Music Awards in 2019. 

Kendall Jenner also showed off her stunning mini bag in 2018 on New York streets after Met Gala. 

We have seen mini bags on fashion runaways of Prada, Valentino, Versace, Moschino and Fendi and we are absolutely loving it. Increasingly, these bags can be found on the streets among fashionistas. 

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